Posts are sharing to LinkedIn but I have't set up a LinkedIn share function

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    Hey Ben,

    I’m one of 3 admins for the website I’m making.

    I’ve been publishing content to check how it looks. I had the website publishing because I figured no-one would look up the website (it’s now set to private and password protected).

    I didn’t realize that 5 posts which I was testing were shared automatically to LinkedIn and I have no idea how it happened. At no point did I get notified that it would publish to LinkedIn, and I didn’t click any boxes to tell it to.

    On my admin pages it say’s that I don’t have the ‘share to LinkedIn’ function set up.

    Any ideas on why would that happen? Could another admin have it set up to share automatically to LinkedIn with out telling other admins?

    Thanks heaps, really appreciating your help.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi there – I’m afraid I am not sure I can answer this. I made the theme but I don’t work for so I don’t know the ins and outs of their platform.

    As far as I know for content to be shared on social media sites automatically it would need to be connected in some way.

    There’s info about all this stuff here:

    It might be that if you, or one of the other admins, have created a site before then it will use the same publicize settings. But that’s a guess :)

    You might get a more knowledgable reply on the general support forums:

    I can help with all theme related things, but this is functionality that’s specific to

    Sorry I can’t be more specific. Hopefully one of these things gets you started at least.


    Original poster

    Thank you for all the links and advice, really appreciate you taking the time to help everyone


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