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    Hi, on the default theme demo I was looking at additional third column which has couple of featured-like articles grouped – see this screenshot –

    I couldn’t find a way to customize that via the usual sidebar widgets. Can you please let me know how this could be achieved? I love this little highlighting technique and I’d like to have it setup on the site. I already have plenty of categories created and pre-selected for those excerpts. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hiya – I call the third column the featured category column.

    This is controlled in the theme options in the customizer.

    Using the Customizer you can add new categories to the list, remove categories from the list, and reorder the categories already in the list.

    The posts displayed in the Featured Categories column must have a Featured Image included. Posts without a featured image are ignored.

    Posts will only display once in the Featured Category column. If a post is in more than one category then it will be displayed in the first category, and ignored in the additional categories. This will give you a greater variety of content on your page.

    Note that some categories may not display. This will be because either:

    • There are no posts in the category with Featured Images
    • All the posts from the selected category have already been displayed elsewhere in the Featured Category column.

    Thanks – Ben


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    Thanks, Ben, I got it working.

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