WooCommerce Subcategories not showing after viewer clicks on category

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    Hi! I’m hoping you can help, as I have been trying to solve this issue for 4 days and am so frustrated! I’m trying to make my WooCommerce “Subcategories” (with thumnail images) appear after the viewer clicks on the “Category” they want on the main WooCommerce Shop page. Instead of going to categories next, it just goes straight to all the products, which are all jumbled up. See here: greenphilosophia.com/shop/

    I set up WooCommerce catergories, subcategories and products correctly (and even set the display type in the category template to subcategory when appropriate, instead of default—and what is the default anyway?—where do I change that?). And, I already tried going to Appearance-Customize-WooCommerce-Product Catalog and setting the “Shop Page Display” to “show categories” and the “category display” to “show subcategories.” When that didn’t work, a google search revealed it could be a theme issue. That was the reason for someone else who had this same issue online. He just changed themes, but I don’t want to do that, as I love this theme!!! (Thanks!) One commenter recommended adding: add_theme_support ( ‘woocommerce’ ) to functions php file. (Did Dicot theme deactivate this, I can’t find it), so using an online tutorials guidance, I added it with “My Custom Functions” plug-in. Still not working. (Should I take that function out now?) I’m out of ideas. Can you please help?! Perhaps even update the theme if that is indeed why it is not working. Otherwise, I am going to have to switch themes because I have to have these subcategories working, otherwise, the shop is just too messy and overwhelming. Thank-you!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    I am able to see Thumbnails and Product title at the following page.


    Please feel free to ask additional questions.


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