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    Hi, I love this theme, it’s perfect for my website and looks fantastic. On your official website it states that the Exhibit theme is WooCommerce compatible and ready to set up.

    However WordPress has just informed me that the theme is not compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. My home page is broken and I can’t seem to fix it without changing themes. Help!?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks for the message!

    I’m afraid the support team here on WordPress.com are correct. The theme on WordPress.com does not support WooCommerce. The self hosted however does have basic support for WooCommerce but you would need to buy it through my website rather than WordPress.com.

    The difference between wordpress.com and self hosted WordPress is a common source of confusion, and that’s not helped by me selling slightly different versions of my themes on each platform. Unfortunately WordPress.com don’t want me to add WooCommerce support to my theme here so I can’t bring it over.

    Really sorry about that – Ben

    Original poster

    Hi Ben, thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate your time.

    Wordpress.com are selling premium packages that include the ability to use WooCommerce plugins – which you probably know, this is not a lecture :o) They sold the updated plan to me on the understanding that it would work with my website, theme, and be fully functional. I’m not happy with them right now LoL.

    I love the Exhibit theme. It’s beautiful, functional, and everything that I want. I’m very reluctant to let it go. I’m not in a position (time wise) to transfer to a self-hosted site yet so it looks like I’m stuck with the simple payments option and a bill for a plan that doesn’t work for me.

    Do you know of a shop plug-in that WOULD work with Exhibit – it can be simple, but I would prefer an ‘add to cart’ option so customers can buy more than one item at a time.

    Thank you again, have a great week,

    Theme Author

    Hey Toni

    If you email me (support at prothemedesign dot com) I’ll see if I can offer something that might help.


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