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    All my posts are images with no text, just a title. Is there a way to make the center column smaller to reduce the white space? Happy to widen other sidebars.

    I have another site using Broadsheet on which the thumbnails are larger. How do I do that here?



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    Hi there – making the center column narrower is quite hard since there’s a lot of elements that would need to be changed. Perhaps we could start with changing the thumbnail size.

    You could use the following custom css to make the images larger:

    .main article.post-archive a.thumbnail {
    width: 100%;
    margin-right: 0;
    .main article.post-archive a.thumbnail img {
    width: auto !important;

    Okay, that works. How do I make all the thumbnails larger? On archives pages, for example. I changed the settings on the WP settings page but it doesn’t do anything.



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    Hi – glad that fixed the homepage. Unfortunately I am not sure what to suggest for the main page. Since you have made your site private there’s no way for see what the problem could be. If you can make it publicly visible again then I would be happy to have a look.


    Took privacy off.

    If the archives pages could show the full size photos it would be wonderful. I don’t know why soem show thumbnails and others the full size.


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    Hi there – I’ve looked into this and it seems the thumbnail size is set to 100×80 for the archive pages.

    Is your site a self hosted one not running on wordpress.com?

    If so then I may be able to give you a simple plugin to change the image size.


    It is self-hosted. It would be wonderful if you could help me fix this. I love the cleanness of the pages but the photos are too small — and inconsistently so. Some are large and some small. I’m not using the plug-in that was causing it before.


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    This will need testing, but I think this should work:

    You can download it as a zip in the top right of the page, and then add it as a plugin through the WordPress admin.

    You may need to regenerate your images to get the size to be correct. There’s quite a few plugins that do this, but this one is a good starting point:


    Perfect!!!!! The photos that show small now are small in the original. Some are pixellated so I have to make those smaller. But it works!

    Now, how do I center them within the column?

    And can I show the captions? I may want people to click through to see them but not sure.

    Thank you so much for following up on your themes. You’ve got a happy customer.


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    There’s no way to display the captions but you could use custom excerpts. They can be added in the document sidebar.

    Since the site is private I can only guess the css needed to center the images. Hopefully this will do the job :)

    .main article.post-archive a.thumbnail {
    float: none;
    .main article.post-archive a.thumbnail img {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    display: block;

    I thought I responded yesterday but I must have forgotten to save.

    This worked perfectly. And having no captions is also fine because it means the page is shorter even with large photos. And people can click through to see more.

    Thank you very much for all your help. I kept trying themes for photographers but this is more like a scrapbook site so a newspaper format works better.


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    Awesome – glad it all worked! :)

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