Widgets Not appearing on Mobile SIte

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    Widgets do not appear on the mobile site.

    We have the About Us, Contact Us as widgets on the left hand menu and more widgets on the bottom.

    They are not appearing on the mobile site.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Merv

    The blog I need help with is butterscotchandchocolate.com.


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    Hi Merv,

    I do see them now. Did you have the “Mobile Site” turned on in the settings? Note that it will show different mobile theme than the Gridspace theme in that case.




    We had to turn off mobile site because the widgets would not appear. Is there a reason they don’t appear when mobile site option is turned on?



    The mobile theme is a stripped down version of the site, which includes only the basic site content, nothing extra. It’s designed for use with non-responsive themes, as a fallback so that key site content is readable.

    Since Gridspace is already responsive – adjusting automatically to screens of different sizes – the mobile theme isn’t necessary and I’d recommend keeping it turned off. That presents a site to your mobile users which better matches the look and feel of your desktop site, and more content is accessible as well.

    You can learn more about responsive themes and the mobile theme here:


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