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    Can you confirm that the widgets only apply to the “Blog” and “Three column” templates ? or is it possible to add them on other page templates

    Is it possible to customize the left/right columns differently for the Blog and Three Column template respectively ? I notice the Blog has a fixed content; for the right upper column at least.


    The blog I need help with is dianaellisjones.com.



    Hi Diana,

    It’s not possible to set specific requirements for where the widgets will display. All templates set to pull the sidebars will pull the widgets assigned to this sidebar. If you restrict the visibility, it will not display the sidebar anywhere.

    You could try to edit how the sidebars display through CSS changes and targeting the specific page template, but the specific of the Blog sidebar is set in the templates which is not possible to edit on WP.com. The customization would depend on what exactly you are trying to achieve.

    Thank you!


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