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  • Hi,

    I would like to put a sidebar area under my slideshow on one of my pages. I can’t seem to find out how to make this work though. Is there anyone who has done the same?

    the website i need help with is http://www.suferreri.com

    Also i am having trouble with the order of my slideshow. I have been uploading all the images NEW for too many times now but nothing works. I gave them new names with a number, I uploaded them in a specific order one by one…. but it seems the order is still randomly picked by the theme. I do feel a bit bad about this since the theme cost quit a bit of money.

    Please help me out, i am not too good with this website building and it costs me a lot of time to figure everything out. Help is very much welcome :)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello Suferreri,

    I’m afraid the sidebar area is not available on the slideshow page template. The content will display full-width if the option for the content to display is selected, however there is no option for a sidebar.

    In terms of the order of the slideshow, it sounds like you’re doing everything as it should be done. The images should display from the most recently uploaded to the oldest, but there seems to be no way to adjust the order at this point. I have tried in the past to see if our developers could find a way to make this work better, but a solution hasn’t yet been pushed out for this. Are you creating new slideshow pages everytime you upload the images? I know it’s time consuming, so I’m sorry about the efforts with this. I would just try to go through the process slowly to make sure the images are finished loading before selecting new ones.



  • Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for replying so fast! It’s good to know that I won’t be able to put a sidebar on the slideshow page template. Now I know I don’t have to search for answers. I guess a ‘bottom bar’ is out of the question too?

    Yeah , the slideshow order. I have been uploading every time new. So that means erasing them in library and uploading them again new every single time I tried to get it right. I did wait each time until each photo was uploaded and I gave them numbers. I guess I will leave it for now since I have done everything exactly how I should have and it didn’t work out.

    I do have some more questions.

    1. I saw a thread on this forum about having a gallery in this way:


    I too would like to achieve this. But then you answered that it was the wrong demo and it would look like this:


    Why is it not possible to get things done in the way of that demo? Isn’t it the same theme? I bought it via their site i think.
    Also if it will be like the second option, does that mean that I won’t have the option to have some text under the photo?

    2. Could you explain the difference of a portfolio and gallery to me?

    3. Next question is about the slideshow in the home page. I have done the whole thing with categories there, but now I noticed that the blogs I posted (but of which I don’t want the picture in the slideshow on the home page so I didn’t check the homepage category on them) don’t show up in the blog anymore. Does this mean that I can only have the blogs visible that connect to the pictures in the slideshow?? Or is there a way around this? In short I wouldn’t mind if I could choose the pictures in the slideshow on the howepage and they don’t have to connect to a blogpost.

    Many questions, I know, but I am new to this and I can’t seem to find the answers myself!

    Many thanks in advance for helping!!!

  • Hello,

    I’m afraid the theme doesn’t include a footer widget area neither. You can have a widget sidebar on the homepage if you display comment bellow your featured post slider. Adding widget to the ‘Home Sidebar’ will display them there, but it’s not available on the slideshow page template.

    Sorry the slider isn’t working out for you. I would suggest uploading the images to the page one by one and then inserting into the page. You can then erase them from the page and hopefully they’ll display in the order uploaded, but if that’s not working there isn’t much else I can suggest.

    For your further questions:

    1) Your ‘category’ page would look like this: https://photographerdemo.wordpress.com/category/category/. Although you can adjust to have two columns, it wouldn’t look exactly as the other demo because it’s a different theme. That theme is for use on a self-hosted site and different than the one hosted on WordPress.com.

    To get this template, just follow these steps:

    1- Create a new category, e.g. 'wedding pictures'.
    2- Create a number of posts and add a featured image to these posts.
    3- Assign these posts to the category created in #1.
    4- Navigate to your menu (Customize > Menus) and add an item. Select from the 'category' menu items and choose your category from the list shown here.
    5- From the theme options (WP-Admin > Appearance > Theme Options) select the amount of columns you want to have from the Portfolio Category Layout.

    If instead you use the Portfolio Page Template, you would follow these steps:

    1- Create a new page and assign it to the Portfolio Page Template.
    2- Create a new category of posts, e.g. 'portfolio'.
    3- Create new posts, assign a featured image and set them to the Portfolio Page Template.
    4- Navigate to your Theme Options (WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options) and assign the category to the Portfolio Page Category.
    5- Select the Option for the number of columns for the Portfolio Page Layout and check the box to display Portfolio Info if you want text to appear for these posts.

    The option for text is only available in the Portfolio Template.

    2) I would normally understand a gallery as a collection of images as shown here: https://photographerdemo.wordpress.com/gallery/. The portfolio is a layout of featured images which link back to posts from a specific category to get more information on each images/posts.

    3) As the featured slider uses posts to display the featured image, these posts will always need to display in your blog page. The alternative is to use a page with the Image Slideshow Page Template as your static front page so you’re not relying on posts to produce the image.

    Let me know if there’s any further questions, we’re here to help. :)



  • Hi Rebecca,

    I am trying to choose which way to go with the choices and what I would like to accomplish. So please help me a little more with getting this right.

    If I use a portfolio (or the featured image slideshow) the images connect back to my blog page with a blog post. This means that you will only see a blog post on my blog page if the image of that post is shown in one of these places. It is not possible to show the blog post without it’s image being featured somewhere on the website.

    Consequently it is not possible to show an image on these places (featured slideshow or portfolio page) without having a blogpost attached to it. Or can i connect the portfolio images to a page that is not my blog page?

    It doesn’t matter if the image connected to a blogpost is shown in the featured slideshow or the portfolio, they all show up as a link in the blog post page?

    On a different note:

    I see in this wordpress website a very cool trick with the mouse arrow in the picture. Does this have a name? Do you know by chance if this is something my theme allows?

    Thanks a million for being there!

  • oops forgot to send the link to that page wit the cool mouse trick


  • Hi Suferreri,

    You can create blog posts which are not featured in the portfolio template or the Featured Content Slideshow. As long as the blog post is not assigned to the categories you have selected for each of these areas in your theme options, then they will display in your blog page but not in those areas.

    It’s not possible to link the images from the portfolio or featured slideshow to a page. These will always link back to the post in question.

    All posts display in the blog page.

    You can try playing with hover effects in CSS, but something like what is done on the other site would probably require a plugin or some Java Script code which is not possible to use on WP.com.



  • Hi Rebecca,

    In this case I don’t understand why not all of my blogs are published on the blog page. I have 9 published blogs visible in my dashboard but when I check the site only 7 are visible. These are the ones that I didn’t give the category to be featured on the homepage featured slideshow. That is why I assumed I had to connect all the pics to a shown category. Do you know what I did wrong? Why are not all my published blogs visible in the blog page?


  • Hello!

    Can you confirm which page on your site is your blog page? This is the page you would have set as the Post Page under Customize > Static Front Page. Or are you referring to a different ‘blog’ page?



  • I am referring to the suferreri stories page. I was under the impression that this was my blog page. But I just checked it in the menu folder in my dashboard and it says it is a category. So that explains that. But now I don’t understand why my blog is not under that page. I thought I did that. If I change the setting of suferreri stories to blog page will it make a mess of my site? What will happen to the homepage? Will it change? I was thinking to take your advice and change the homepage:

    “The alternative is to use a page with the Image Slideshow Page Template as your static front page so you’re not relying on posts to produce the image.”

    I can put the featured slideshow on another place in my site right? I am just a bit tentative with making changes since I am not sure what the effect will be and I don’t want to mess up the website. :)


  • Hello!

    To create a blog page you’ll need to follow these steps:

    1) Create a new page using the default page template.
    2) Navigate to Customize > Static Content and assign this page as your Post Page.
    3) From your menu options, add the Page you created in #1 to your menu. All your posts will then display on this page as shown in the demo here: https://photographerdemo.wordpress.com/blog/.

    If you follow these steps, it won’t affect your homepage. Just make sure you don’t change the page assigned as the Static Front Page.

    You can use the image slideshow as your front page, however the featured content slideshow can only be used as the front page. You wouldn’t be able to use it on an inside page I’m fairly certain. It might be possible, but I’m not sure if the slider will work or not so give it a try if you’d like to try.

    There is no problem to try things out. We’re here to help if something doesn’t turn out right, so don’t be shy to try different setup options you think might work. :)



  • Yes, I did it. But it changed the way that page looked. I had three coloms with each blogposts featured image and a bit of the text under it. Could I go back to that form?

  • You can, but you’ll need to use the category format instead. Only posts assigned to that category will display in that setting. The blog page is for all your posts, the category is a specific group of posts.

    To do so you’ll just re-add the category page to your menu.



  • Ok, so the blog with all the posts in it can only be displayed in this form?

    And one more question about category and portfolio. What is the difference between them? I am under the impression that they look and do the same?

    Hope you are having a great weekend! (in case you are answering after the weekend, I hope you had a great one :) )

  • Hello!

    The blog posts can only be displayed in the blog layout form as shown here: https://photographerdemo.wordpress.com/blog/.

    You could assign all your posts to the portfolio category you have set, and in this way all posts would be displayed in that page. But, you would need to manually assign all posts to that category in particular.

    The difference between the category and portfolio is very minimal. It’s mostly that the portfolio template will display a category to a page template keeping the URL without the ‘category’ listed. The category is an archives of all posts you add to your menu, but in this theme it worked basically the same as the portfolio.



  • Thanks for getting back at me.

    Does having a category for a portfolio mean that not all the blogs are published and posted on the blog page? Like with the featured slideshow? I want all my blogs to be visible on the blog page but I don’t want to put all those images in the portfolio. And can i have two different pages with a different portfolio that connects via category to the blog page?


  • Hello!

    In this case, your portfolio category posts will continue to display on the blog, so they won’t be hidden :)



  • Hi Rebecca,

    Here I am again. I made a portfolio page and that works really nicely. Now I was creating another page where I use the category system. But on the category page I don’t want to see the text under the image. Where can I customize the category settings?


  • That text can be hidden with this CSS:

    .category .information {
        display: none;

    But do note that you’ll need at least ‘WordPress Premium’ (https://wordpress.com/pricing/) to add it to your site. The text can’t be hidden otherwise.


  • Ok thank you.

    Next question.

    I changed on of my menu names from school of life into unlearn & rewild. But if I check the url it still says https://suferreri.wordpress.com/school-of-life/

    Where do I change this??

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