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    Is there any way to make the content wider on the pages? I absolutely love the content width of the Image Format for posts, and would like to duplicate that — if possible — on my other pages.

    Possibly related to that, I’ve got some weird formatting going on with the comments on my Gear page: http://exploratorius.us/gear/
    And I’ve just noticed that the same thing is beginning to happen with the comments on my About page (the very bottom of the comments): http://exploratorius.us/about/

    Any assistance would be welcome.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi zeissler,

    1. You can make all content types follow the wider format, but you will need to add your own custom CSS to do so. If you don’t already have a way to do so, I suggest adding the JetPack plugin. JetPack is made by the same people who created WordPress and offers a bunch of useful features. One is a ‘Custom CSS’ addition.

    Once you activate the Custom CSS stylesheet add this bit of code to it:
    .post-wrapper {margin: 4% 8% !important;}
    This should set all content types to the wide format.

    2. Concerning the comment issue, it looks like a bug when comments have reply threads. I’m logging an issue for our development team to look at, so a fix should be pushed out soon to fix it.

    Let me know if you can or cannot figure out how to do #1, I’ll leave this ticket open until then. And we will take care of Issue #2 and get a fix out.


    Original poster

    Hi Caleb!

    You guys are the greatest — that worked perfectly! Now my content width is consistent site-wide *and* the comments are all fixed as well.

    Many thanks and you may consider this ticket now closed.




    Glad to hear! The comment issue was related to the pages with smaller width content, so we will still be fixing that issue on our end.

    Closing this issue out now. Also, we love your work! Keep it up!

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