White space at bottom of single post on mobile

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    This is a minor design issue, but when looking at a post on mobile, there’s a small white gap at the bottom of the screen for no apparent reason.

    Here’s an example on an iPad:

    The blog I need help with is blog.alfredapp.com.


    It looks like the image link was truncated so here’s the URL to the image on Dropbox:




    It appears to be working as it should, the container is pushed down because of the sidebar.

    I might be misunderstanding the screenshot I’m looking at though.

    Thank you.


    The space I’m referring to is at the bottom. Below the purple bar is a white gap (you can see the + Follow overlapping a bit of white before it overlaps the purple footer)

    It’s a white strip about 20px high below the end of the purple footer, which doesn’t look like it should be there. Hope that’s more helpful :)



    I see now.

    Yes, that definitely appears to be a design flaw, forwarding to development. In the meantime, you can add:

    .site-footer {
      margin-bottom: -25px;


    Development was unable to reproduce the issue, but it look like you may have otherwise resolved the issue in the meantime?

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