What size should a banner image be for the Basis premium theme?

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    I have created an image to put in the banner of the Basis premium theme, but it isn’t the right size. How do I alter the size of image? What are the dimensions ? And can I alter the banner size, itself?


    The blog I need help with is ipfmedia.wordpress.com.


    Hi there!

    1. It’s probably best to alter the image size before uploading it to your WordPress site using an image editor on your computer.
    2. The image must be at least 800 pixels wide before it will work in the banner. The optimal width is 1440 pixels. The height is not as important, though to best fit the banner shape, it should be less than the width.
    3. You can change the height of the banner, but only with some custom CSS, which requires the WordPress.com Custom Design upgrade.

    Does this answer your questions?

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