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    I’m Verónica and I will help you with questions about the Carmela theme. Before you post your questions, please make sure that you read the Carmela theme introduction and the detailed theme documentation first.

    Thank you very much for purchasing Carmela and, again, let us know if you need any additional help!



    I am trying out the Carmela theme for my blog and so far I like it. I have a few questions:

    1. in the demo there was an example of a post in the “aside” format, but there is not an aside option in the wp editor. Is it possible to do posts in the aside format?

    2. do you have any formatting for a photo gallery page?

    3. I have a drop down menu on one of my menu items (Browse by Category) on my navigation bar. The whole drop down menu shows up as dark gray and you cant see any of the text until you hover over the actual text. Is it supposed to be that way? It seems like you should be able to see all the text when the drop down shows up. (you can view it at monicamuse.wordpress.com . It’s the menu at the top of the page.)




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    Hello Monica,
    Thank you for write us. Sorry for delay, but this topic forum is only a welcome advice, and it was not sent any email notification.

    1. Yes, its true, there are not option for an aside post type. We are going to fix this for the next version. Thank you for notifying.

    2. We use the “tiled galleries”. You can activate it via Settings → Media

    3. Yes, color white is set to show for those menu items, but on your site, it sets to black. Have you activated the the Custom Design upgrade? Could you check if there is any style that are overwriting the original white color?

    Thank you in advanced

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