Weird line breaks

  • I’ve had challenges for as long as I’ve used this theme with lines breaking earlier than they need to. I’ve detected a couple patterns:

    – Text I type without using cut/paste or bold/italic seem never to have this problem.
    – When I cut/paste text from one place to another, sometimes this problem occurs.
    – Almost always, when bold or italic text would appear near the end of a line, the line breaks too early, leaving a large gap.

    The screen shot at this location shows an example. Notice the early break in the line “and how it obliges us to behave,” and notice that it’s right before an italicized word.

    I’m frequently editing posts and retyping text to get around this problem. However, that doesn’t always work when bold/italic text is involved.

    Could you have a look?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey Jim,

    Are you pasting the text into the text tab of the post editor or the visual tab? And is the text originally in Word?

    Here are some great tips when using Microsoft Word to write, and then copying and pasting that text into the post editor:

  • Hi Michael, thanks for replying! I don’t paste from Word, I type directly into the WordPress editor, in the visual tab. From time to time I copy/paste within the visual tab.

  • Oh ok. I believe that is a issue and not a Photolia issue.

    Let me see if WP support has any thoughts on this problem.

  • It looks like you’re carrying over some non-breaking spaces, which is causing the unexpected line breaks.

    If you right-click the paragraph using a browser inspector and use “Edit” or “Edit as HTML” – you can see the & nbsp ; characters, which are throwing off the display. (Note: I had to edit the HTML entity as the forum software strips it out otherwise. In reality there aren’t spaces before or after the nbsp part. )

    Example from Firefox:

    Recommended reading Down the Road

    You might be able to remove those non-breaking spaces by putting your cursor in front of the space in the HTML editor, clicking “Delete/backspace” and then re-entering a space manually. Let me know if this works.

    Non-breaking spaces can carry over when you copy-paste from somewhere into the editor.

  • Ah HAH. Those dirty &nbsps.

    I don’t paste text in from anywhere; I do all of my writing directly in the WordPress editor. (The old one, not the shiny new one, if that matters.) I wonder how those nonbreaking spaces are being generated. I wonder if it has to do with cutting and pasting within the editor, which is something I do from time to time. I’ll play with it and see if I can detect a pattern.

  • At this point it seems clear that this is not a Photolia problem. If I figure out a pattern to this problem, I’ll open a case in the general support area.

  • PS. In HTML mode only, placing the cursor left of the nbsp, deleting, and typing a space DOES fix the problem. So I have an easy workaround now.

    This does not seem to work in visual mode.

  • It is indeed a bit mysterious how those non-breaking spaces are getting there. Glad the workaround works.

    If you are able to narrow down how it’s happening, do let us know in the general forums so we can investigate further. Add the modlook tag in the Tags area of the sidebar to be sure to get staff’s attention. Thanks!

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