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    Hi there!

    My website does not look good at all on all devices even though it is a responsive theme…
    You can find my website here:

    On my laptop it is all good, but on my phone I have several problems:
    -The logos (on my homepage) I moved with CSS are overlapping videos and text when viewed on a phone.
    -Text boxes look terrible as all the words are displayed one under the other. (specially on the about page, but you find this problem on all pages)
    -The videos are not centred on the page. They are very small and pushed all the way to the right side of the screen.
    -My picture (avatar) and title are pulled apart.
    -All the text on the contact page is not centred like on a laptop but moved to the right and cut through.

    I would be very happy to solve these problems! Or at least make it impossible for people to look at my website on their mobile phone for now. Is this possible? And how do I do that?
    I just launched the website and didn’t realise it looked that bad on mobile devises. I would really like to give people my url, but not if the mobile version looks like that….

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    What type of phone are you using to view your site? What browser?

    Homepage Logos

    When viewing the site on my iPhone using Chrome or Safari mobile browsers, your logos appear above the videos and do not overlap. That said, any custom CSS you may have added may need to account for mobile styles, too.

    Text Boxes

    Again, when viewing on the iPhone, text on pages looks fine and displays as it should.

    Title and Avatar

    On mobile devices, the the avatar displays in the top left corner. The avatar acts as a button to display on off-canvas sidebar that shows your title and any widgets that may have been added. The theme demo is the same way and it is part of the responsive design.

    Contact Page

    On my iPhone, the contact page displays as it should; centered and readable.

    Any screenshots you can provide would help, too.

    Original poster

    Thanks the luke mc donald!
    I am sorry. Someone advised me to work with CSS so I have copied the question to the CSS page and am already working on it.
    The CSS codes I tweaked changed my looks on other devices too.
    Thanks again for your help!

    Original poster

    I mean I have copied the question to the CSS forum, not page.

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