Was still wondering about the background color and HR…

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    … sorry, didn’t mean to abandon my last support question. Heh, I posted that, went out, hit a deer and smashed out the front end of my car and then dealt with that… and now here we are. What a day… or two. Anyhoo.

    I came up with a visual hack for the columns that I’m satisfied with. I still need help changing the HR and post background colors. I tried to do both but failed miserably. LOL, so yeah… once again, I edit from the admit, I select the background color, I save. It doesn’t show up. I try inline CSS, nothing. I cleared my history, cache, and tried all of the browsers. Nothing. LOL, any advice?

    Also, I wanted to use a different graphic for the HR but the code that I know isn’t taking.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is: katieisepicdammit.com


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    Oh gosh, Katie! That sounds like a wild few days 😀

    It looks like you’ve switched to Duet from Oxford, is that right? That’s fine, just want to make sure. I think it looks really great on your site.

    To style your horizontal rules, would you please share the URL of the image you’d like to use? And please link to a post using a HR? I can provide the code from there.

    With your post background, would you like to change the actual site background color, or the container (where the text is)? Do you have a post and color in mind?


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