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    I tried going to the layout tab and selecting full post, which it does, but now readers have to click ‘continue reading’ in order to see the comments box.
    Also, I would like to get rid of everything else below the post except the comments and have the comments immediately follow the post but I can’t find anyway to do this.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi ronvavra,

    Comments will appear on the post permalinks only. This is not only how this theme works but how WordPress functions as well.



    As far as your second question what exactly would you like to hide?

    If your unable to hide it in your settings you could probably do so with CSS but you’ll need to get the Custom Design upgrade.


    Let me know and thanks again!


    Original poster

    Thanks. Your link to my site displays the page properly. But when I visit the site by typing in the URL it comes up with a ‘continue reading’ button at the bottom, which is not what I want. Why is there a difference and how can i get the page to appear as in your link please?


    Hi again,

    You can’t set posts to be your homepage. You could create a static front page though.

    Please check out this documentation for more information on how to do this:


    Thanks again!


    Original poster

    could you please let me know how to send you a PM? thanks


    Hi ronvavra,

    You are unable to send PM’s here. If you’d like you can drop an email to info[at]woothemes.com if it’s urgent.

    Thank you,



    Also, if it is directly WorPress.com related you should contact them instead.


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