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    I have some problems when I view the site on my phone. I´ve tried opera, chrome and another browser, all with the same results.
    There are actually several things, so let me try to describe them:

    When I first come to the page, I come to the “home” template, as expected. At the top it says the name of my home template (“gallery”), but there is no images shown underneath, and there is no Hero Slider. It only says “gallery” and then comes the sharing buttons and the reply/comment area, which are not even there at all if I look at it on a computer (and I don´t want them to be there either, so that´s good).

    The primary menu doesn’t show up at all, the only menu I see is the top menu, but it´s not shown at the top but under the header image.
    The background is all white, no color or images.

    That´s the problems I find when I first visit the page, but if I scroll down and press “view full site”, other problems occur:

    I now come to a more correct view of the page. But, in Opera and the native browser of SGS2 (not in Chrome though), the header image is not cropped or modified to fit the fact that the other content is put in a row going downwards. This means that if I have a long header image, then the page stretches as far to the right as the header is, but all the content is shown in a straight line downwards (aligned to the left). This leaves a big empty area to the right of the content and under the header image.

    And lastly, all the browsers (when u enter “full site”) aligns the content a little to far to the left, so that the left arrow of the Hero slider is halfway outside of the screen.

    So, is there a remedy for all this?

    My site can be found here:

    Thanks! 8)

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    How does the theme demo work for you?

    Be sure your Appearance > Mobile > “Enable mobile theme” is set to No.

    I looked at your site and it looks like you may have figured out how to set the home page, as well as navigation items.


    Original poster

    Okay, I changed it to “no”. No the results are:

    Chrome: The header image is now resized correctly, and the page doesn´t extend to the right on the “home” template. But it´s still there in the “blog” template, since the area with the “share this” buttons above the posts are not resized – it still extends far to the right and leves the empty area to the right of the posts.

    The drop down of the top menu now shows as I click the parent page, but at the same time the parent page loads and when it has loaded the drop down goes away. So I only see the drop down for a second or two, before the parent page shows up and the drop down disappears.

    Galaxy S2 browser: The results are the same as in chrome, with the exception that the drop down menu doesn´t show the first time I click the parent page. Instead the parent page loads and the drop down shows up when the page is loaded.

    Opera mini: The long header image is still there, not resized. So the empty space is there on all pages. In “blog” the “share this” area also extends far to the right, as in chrome and the SGS2 browser. And the drop down of the top menu doesn´t show up at all.

    In all of the browsers the left arrow of the hero slider is sill halfway outside the screeen.
    And in all of them there is still a white drop down menu showing as primary menu, even if a create and empty manu and set it as “primary menu”. So there is a white drop down there with nothing to choose from as you click it…

    The debut demo: In chrome it works, but the left arrow of the hero slider is still halfway outside the screen. And the fields “name, email and website” under “contact” extends outside of the white content area to the right.

    In the SGS2 browser the results are the same.

    In Opera mini the results are also the same, but the drop down of the top menu is also extending far to the right when it shows, and that leves a smaller empty area to the right of the white content area.

    The problem with the empty space in the blog is´nt there in any of the browsers on the demo page, but the sharing buttons are fewer than on my page and the header image is not as long as mine…don´t know if that has anything to do with it?

    So, that´s the current results…


    Theme Author

    This is alot of info :) I’ll start off by saying we support major browsers versions(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera (not mini)).

    I’ve fixed the contact form inputs and will submit an update shortly.

    As for the header images and sharing buttons, it would help to have a link to you site to test.


    Original poster

    Haha yes! 8) I thought it would be easier for u if i provided more info on how the site behaves in different browsers!? 8)

    Ok, thanks! 8)

    Here is the site:

    I tried Firefox too, but with the same results – the banner and the “share this” area extends far to the right, and the drop down of the top menu doesn´t work proparly… 8/


    Theme Author

    I’ve made the fix and will be available in the next update. The reason for this is because of how Firefox handles max-width. Because the site is responsive for mobile devices, the banner should resize on mobile devices as expected. Mobile devices don’t use Firefox, but rather a webkit browser like Safari or Chrome.

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