View All Button in portfolio section of homepage somehow linked to blog?

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    Hey all, so I’m having an issue with the “view all” button on the homepage of a site for my photography business as we’re building the website. For some reason, instead of directing to my portfolio page, it’s directing me to my blog page. This is important because my portfolio is the life blood as a photographer, allowing people to see highlights of different sessions.

    I’ve done some editing in the CSS editor but have not changed the HTML to anything to my knowledge, as for some reason the HTML editor is not visible under the appearance section in my admin page.

    My homepage: (The button in question is the “view all” under the welcome statement)

    Here’s the page i’m trying to link to:

    Here’s what it’s taking me to:

    The blog I need help with is


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    It appears that you have skipped step 1 of the Setting Up your Portfolio section in the documentation:



    If you look up to the original post, there’s already a portfolio page, using the portfolio template. You can follow the url that I pasted into the original post.

    For some reason, the button on the home page is still linking me to the my blog page instead of my portfolio page.


    I’ve now noticed that somehow, there are two portfolio pages in my site, even though wordpress only recognizes one.

    For example, to follow your original advice, I deleted the portfolio page that I already had listed in my site pages in my Admin page, and recreated it using the Portfolio template. I tried to assign it a slug, but it automatically corrected it to also exists, however it is neither editable nor is it showing up anywhere in my wordpress admin page.

    I have no idea how it was created or how to get rid of it, but I’m assuming that it’s causing the issues somehow.


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    This page is not using the portfolio page template:

    It is the portfolio archive. You must follow the steps in the documentation for create a portfolio page. Are you 100% sure that you followed step 1?


    Yes. I recreated that page, and it automatically became:

    In the page editor for that, under “page attributes” it has “portfolio” selected. It’s the same page that I’ve had all along, just recreated.


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    The problem is that there is a conflict with the page name “portfolio”. That name is reserved for the portfolio archive. Try changing the slug of your portfolio page to something like “my-portfolio”. You can change the slug below the page title on the edit page.


    I just changed the slug of the page to “our-portfolio,” but it didn’t resolve the button issue.


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    Ok. I think I might know what is causing the issue.

    Temporarily set a different page as your posts page. Then open your Blog page for editing. Make sure that it is not using the portfolio page template. If it is, change it to default. Then set your Blog page back to your posts page.


    That worked!! Thank you so very much for your help! I would definitely have not gotten there on my own!

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