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    I want to use the “tabs” section of the home page of this theme to showcase some of our company’s videos.

    Ideally I’d love it if the video could play right from the tab. But as a workaround I just put it in the post, so it’s only one click away. I can successfully upload a video file or use a YouTube link in a post and put it in the tabs category, but the tab just shows a header and the button.

    If I set the featured image for the post as a screenshot of the video player, it looks just fine on the tab. But when you go to the post page, it shows my screenshot on top of my pretty video.

    Is there a way I can hide the Featured Image in the post but still have it show on the tab?

    Or is there a better approach I’m not seeing for showing videos on the home page?

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi rubriqnews,

    It’s not possible to show the video on the home page, but you can hide the featured image with the following CSS:

    .single .feature-img {
        display: none;


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