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    Hi there, I’m still struggling with loading times with the gallery theme. The header & footer load pretty much straight away, but it takes approximately 4 minutes for the site content to load. I have even removed infinity scroll to try and help it along, but with no effect.

    I’m really quite concerned, nobody visiting my blog would wait this long, and various people have pointed out how slow my blog is to load. I had the same content on my previous theme of Triton Lite – a free theme, I expected more with a paid for theme to be honest. Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Amanda,

    I have a few suggestions that should help. In a past thread I mentioned optimizing the images on your site. I highly suggest going this route. I ran some test to see what is slowing your site down (check the link below for some info) and it looks like it is primarily images. Currently your site weighs in at 45 Megabytes, that is huge for a website, particularly if someone visited on a mobile device.

    The best and fastest websites are typically 200-300 kilobytes, of course you use a lot of images, so for image heavy site I really suggest a maximum of 1-1.5 Megabytes. That’s still a lot, but should be 45x faster than your current load time.

    Optimizing images should apply to your site images (things like background, header image, social icons) as well as post image (anything you are adding to a post).

    Site Testing on

    How to Optimize Images:

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!



    Hi Caleb,

    Im amazed at the amount of data you sent me, but unfortunately I have no idea how to interpret it. Does it mean the posts that show loading times in blue need optimising? I will need a little guidance here.

    Also sorry to point this out, but this is a theme designed for images surely? I had the exact same content on my previous themes Triton Lite and Hatch, and neither had slow loading times. This leads me to think its more to do with the Gallery theme.

    Thank you Amanda



    Hi Amanda,

    The waterfall load chart can be overwhelming. What it is showing is a call to every file that builds your website and how long each file takes to load (in milliseconds). So you can see from #43 to #96 there are a bunch of of .png images that are taking a really long time to load. If you click each of theme you will get more information about file size and which particular image it is.

    Optimizing all images would be a great. You can learn a bunch of tips for optimizing images online, but here are some easy tips to follow:

    1. When using photoshop (I believe this is what you use) always use the “Save for Web and Devices” method of saving out images, not just Save or Save As. This does a bunch of stuff like stripping unnecessary meta data and helps to optimize the images while preserving the quality.
    2. Use the .jpeg format. Anytime you are saving an image that does not require transparency (icons and such) save as .jpeg. Jpeg images always have a smaller file size than .png
    3. 72 dpi. All images on the web should be 72dpi. Higher dpi settings are only for printing in the real world, even if you have images at 300dpi they will still display at the resolution of the computer screen (72dpi).

    As you mentioned, yes the Gallery theme is designed for images, and if you have seen our demo site it contains many images and media embeds and looks great:

    If you want to run a test you could try switching your theme back to an old theme and see how well it runs. I would be interested to see it, so if you choose to try this please let me know. Either way, you really need to optimize the images because a 45 Megabyte website is incredibly heavy.

    Let me know what you plan to do.



    Hi Caleb,

    After studying the chart you sent and looking at optimising tips. I think I now understand. For example I had previously resized my background to be smaller, but what I didn’t realise was that the quality setting has an effect on file size as well.

    I also didn’t realise that png was so much heavier. I have quite alot of those on site as your chart points out.

    I do use Photoshop, but when it comes to sorting and final exporting I use Aperture. After testing various degrees of the quality and size settings, I have now created a web export setting using jpeg. In looks i can’t tell much difference, but it more than halves the file size of jpeg images.

    I have now gone back and reduced the file size of the background, and as my header is in png I will have to look at that one later too.

    Before I go ahead and change all the photos of my site (a daunting prospect) I would like to ask your advice re the best file size a photo should ideally have. e.g is around 100 KB per photo ok?

    I am a bit scared of messing about with the theme by changing it back to Triton Lite. I have alot of css customisations on site which I don’t want to risk. Although if you know of a foolproof way, please let me know. I don’t mind changing it briefly so you can see.

    Thanks Amanda



    Hi Amanda,

    All that is good to hear! I love being able to teach people new techniques. I can already see a huge improvement in the performance of you site. Concerning file size for .jpg images, if you have a large image a good file size would be somewhere between 70-100kb.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion and implementing them. If you have any other needs please shoot me a message!



    Hu Caleb,
    Ok thanks, Really? I can’t tell a difference myself for the loading. I will try to change all my photos over the next few days though. I’ll report back when im done.


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