Using CSS to edit defaults?

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    Hi there.

    Currently working on customization of my site and I was wondering if I could achieve a few things using the built in CSS editors (there are no options for the following within the theme).

    Currently, the theme displays a photo grid that scales the number of columns by the page width (ie on a computer browser, its likely 4, on a tablet its 2-3, etc). By default, it displays 10 preview panes which link to portfolio entries. Would it be possible to change this number to 12, so that it is evenly divisible across all devices? (2,3,4). 10 always leaves one or two blocks hanging!

    I am also hoping I can figure out a way to have my portfolio entries displayed more like my blog entries, with a tile mosaic photo gallery at the bottom of the page, that opens a full screen slideshow upon selection. There’s no option to disable the themes’ portfolio style, and it displays as a series of photos that are all slammed to the right of the page, which looks odd once you scroll past the text, for entries with more than a few images.

    I’m also curious if would it be possible to use the themes style, but have the tile’s link to locations other than portfolio entries? Or be selective of which entries it pulls from? Maybe with the use of categories or tags?

    How about a way to widen the body area in a page so that shortcoded portfolio tiles display with larger photos? You can get an idea of my meaning by looking at one of the subcategories under “projects” (industrial has the most entries, currently). There are large open areas on both sides of the page. I would like larger images, maybe with less border/padding between each image, if possible… I wasn’t able to achieve any of these options using the “attributes” discussed here:

    Theme: Bindery

    The blog I need help with is


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    Thanks for getting in touch!
    Re: # of portfolio items in the portfolio page, you should be able to change this number in your wp-admin -> settings -> reading tab :)

    For the changes that you are requesting, unfortunately these would require custom HTML as well as CSS, which is not an available option in, sorry!

    All the best,

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