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    I’ve never before had any problems with uploading images, but all of a sudden I can’t upload anything! All I get is an error message: “HTTP error”, that’s it. The internet connection is fast and everything else works like before, and I’m not doing anything different than before.

    This problem occurred right after I had announced that for the first time I would be reporting “live” from my vacation… Not so great without any photos! Murphy’s Law in action here…

    I hope this isn’t deliberate to get me to go Premium…. I’m planning to anyway, but not like this! I hope I’m wrong and I hope this problem is resolved quickly.

    The blog I need help with is: nojatuolihaahuilija.wordpress.com



    Of course it’s not related to the premium plans. I’ve seen that error before too, and it can be hard to track down. Let’s start with some basics. Sometimes I’ve found that it’s a problem with the image itself.

    As a first troubleshooting step, can you please clear your browser cache and cookies?

    After that, can you try downloading the following image to your computer and then uploading it to the Media > Add New page in your dashboard?

    If that works, then the problem may be with the images.

    If you cannot upload the logo, then the problem may be with your connection—even if it seems everything else is okay.

    Try those basic steps first, and if you’re still having trouble we can take it from there.


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    The first thing I did was to clear the browser cache and cookies, to no avail.
    I uploaded the WordPress logo and it uploaded right away, no problems.
    Perhaps the issue does lie with the connection as I’m in a different location than usually. The images were taken with the same camera I always use and as always, I used iPhoto to edit them. I didn’t do anything differently this time.
    I guess I’ll have to wait till I get back home to find out whether it’s the connection that’s causing this.
    Thank you for your assistance.


    Let us know if the problem persists!


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    As soon as I returned home, the problem disappeared!
    I do have another question, though, or more like a suggestion:

    When I write captions for photos, they are displayed under the photos when I publish photos one by one, but in a slideshow the caption text is displayed on top of the photo, which can make it difficult to read if the photo is very light.
    My suggestion is to display the captions under the photos also in slideshows.


    Thank you for the idea! The slideshow is a function of WordPress.com rather than the theme. If you have a feature request, the Ideas forum is the best place to post it. :)

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