Uploaded images quality degrade

  • Hi, I notice that the jpg image quality degraded a lot after I uploaded to wordpress. Is there any way to reduce the compression? My uploaded images are 1024px and the max featured images for suidobashi is 960px, so it shouldn’t be because I uploaded smaller files. Please help since I am not happy at all at how my portfolio images look like.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there,

    if you have a Retina-screen maybe you can try to upload even bigger images (e.g. 2x the actual size, so maybe 1920px)? But also watch out that the image file size does not get too big (you can use a tool like JPGmini) to reduce the file size.

    I hope this is helpful!
    Best, Ellen

  • Hello, my screen is just a normal full hd 1920p screen. My issue is more about the jpeg compression after upload to wordpress. I can see the difference before and after i upload on the same screen. Any ideas?

  • Sorry if i’m not clear enough, to give you an analogy, assuming i have a jpeg image at 100% quality. After uploading this image to wordpress and publish, the image quality drops to 60%. My issue is how to workaround this quality degradation.

  • Hi there,
    oh okay, now I understand. The only thing I can think of, is that maybe you need to check the media settings, when uploading an image. There are settings to change the actual size of the image (like thumbnail, medium or actual size). Did you maybe accidentally uploaded the image with the medium size?

    Otherwise I don’t think uploaded images decrease in image quality in WordPress, as far as I know of. Could you maybe send me to a link with an image example on your website, this way I can better check the code and maybe find the issue?

    Thanks so much!
    Best, Ellen

  • Hi Ellen,

    After some research I finally found the issue. Apparently the Photon plugin (part of Jetpack) that wordpress.com is using is bad at resizing images which exceeds the size coded in the theme. In this case, the Featured Image size is set at 960px, so if I upload an image at 960px there wont be any quality issue. But if I upload a larger image (say 1200px), Photon will auto resize it to 960px and the image will look really bad in the website. I have tested this and proven working.

    Thanks for your help.

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