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    Liking the update, I have written a new post and is in new style.

    How do I transfer my previous posts to this updated style?

    Apologises if it has already been said but please signpost me to the answer. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is: careersinfootball.com


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    Sorry another point,

    I liked it when you scrolled over a gallery image and it ‘darkened’ to suggest to click on it. Is it possible to have this option in new update?




    Hi Toby!

    Assuming that you just switched your theme on your existing site, all of your posts will still be there. I’m looking at your site now and it seems all of the content is there.

    We removed the darkening on hover; however, there is an option to show the title over the thumbnail on hover. You can activate this in the Theme Customizer.

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