updated original stylesheet for Currents

  • Is there an updated stylesheet for Currents? The forum has been very helpful, but my stylesheet doesn’t have “main,” “breadcrumbs,” “.wf-active,” and other selectors that I’ve needed to customize the site.

    This is what WordPress provides when you buy the CSS upgrade:


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey M,

    All Currents installs on WP.com run the same style.css.

    The CSS upgrade allows you to add CSS but doesn’t include any other stylesheets to your theme.

    Is there anything I can help you style? As per the other thread your site is private so if you could make it public for me I can definitely help you out.

    Let me know, thanks!


  • Hi Scott,
    Sorry again–reset to Public.

    When you buy the CSS upgrade, WP.com provides you with the “original stylesheet” so that you can add CSS. In order to add CSS, I need to know what the Currents stylesheet calls things, right?

    For example, when I wanted to remove the comment count from the posts under the Featured Area, you provided the CSS for a selector called “#main.” If you search the original stylesheet for Currents provided by WP.com, you will see that there is no selector called “#main.”

    You have been very helpful in providing CSS, but if I would be happy if I could figure out most of it myself and only bug you for the big issues (like IE8).


  • Hey M,

    Almost correct.

    So what you’ll need to do is find out what the theme (not the CSS) labels these HTML areas. The stylesheet simply applies styling rules based on these selectors.

    If you don’t see a CSS selector for say “#main” it’s because no styling is being applied to this area. You can still add this to your custom css though.

    Hope this isn’t too confusing. I would try to google some tutorials on Chrome Inspect and/or Firebug for Firefox. These are great tools to help you inspect page source and CSS styles. Really useful for adding custom css w/ WordPress.

    Did a quick Google and this should help you: http://www.kristarella.com/2009/02/how-to-use-firebug-for-css/



  • Not confusing at all. Much appreciated!

  • Awesome and thank you!


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