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    Not quite sure how to fix this … the upcoming events widget on the home page is floating up way high in the header, which causes the second and third columns to move over more to the left, messing up the spacing.

    I tried uploading our logo in the theme options, but that made it 10 times worse.

    Site isn’t live, but you can see what I’m talking about here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By_02Bk0MNHmOVJIbEZqR2lRY28/view?usp=sharing

    The blog I need help with is highlandgleeclub.com.


    Also, I’m not quite sure why the event title is truncated in the upcoming events widget. It should read “New England Federation Concert” but the last bit of “Concert” is cut off. I had a much longer title and it flowed over 3-4 lines before changing it to this one … for some reason that event can’t seem to get all the text in.


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    It looks like the theme option to “Feature” the home page sidebar is checked (WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General (section)). This setting overlays the left sidebar over the hero slider as shown in the theme demo. If the the sidebar area doesn’t have enough widgets to extend down into the actual content area, the other widgets are floated left and take up that space. This is why you see the result you see.

    It looks like you may have moved on to a different platform, however, if you do have a site still running the Soundcheck theme and have questions, let me know.


    Thanks, the upcoming events widget is now where it belongs. Any way I can get all the text in events to show up so it’s not truncated?

    As for the site, the one that’s live online right now is our old platform. We’re going to launch this one (with the Soundcheck theme) very soon.


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    If you can create a new support ticket for the events widget content being truncated, that would help keep us on topic. When creating a new ticket, if you can provide a link to the site in question, it would be helpful so I can better troubleshoot the issue.



    I edited the name of the event and it seems to have fixed the problem, so I won’t open another ticket. Thanks again for your help and patience with me, now that we’ve launched and I know how to do *most* things, I shouldn’t be such a pain anymore…


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    Ha, not a pain at all; this is why the support forums exist. Soundcheck has a lot going on with it and can be pretty powerful once you know how to get it to work for you. If you have any questions, just open a new topic and I’ll be more than happy to help get you pointed in the right direction.

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