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    This question is not related to the other problem you’re trying to fix.

    Floral theme has 4 types of post format:
    – Quote
    – Standard
    – Video
    – Audio

    1) The Quote Post Format is all black background and white text, is it possible to change that colors?

    2) What is the post format Aside? I’ve read that it’s only text without having to write a title. How does it work? I’d like to publish, some times, short update messages like if they were tweets. But instead of using twitter, I’d like to use my blog for that. Is it the Asidea post format type good for doing that? If yes, could it be added to Floral?


    The blog I need help with is davideroccato.blog.


    Theme Author

    Hi David,

    Sorry for the delay.

    1) Yes, you can change it with CSS. Please try this CSS:

    .site-content .hentry.format-quote { background: #your-color}

    2) Aside is usually used for short messages, like a Facebook /Twitter status. I think it’s perfectly good for your use case. However, due to our design, we don’t have the support for it. I think you can achieve the similar effect by adding a tag for those kind of posts and use CSS to hide the post title for them.

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