two-column and sidebar suddenlty vanished from Duet theme

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    I bought the Duet theme to use as theme for my blog. Today my blog is only showing a single-column with no possibility to change this to the two-column version and also the sidebar has been gone. Any idea how I can arrange this?
    Kind regards,
    Jan Fransen

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jan!

    That sounds like an awful experience :(

    I’m looking at your site now and I see the two columns. Did this issue resolve itself?


    Indeed, it’s resolved. Strange. I read an earlier post of someone who experienced the same.

    Many thanks for your quick reply.



    Now I see that I can’t see the two columns on my own computer… but on other computers I can. So it has something to do with my own computer. Any idea what?

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