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    Using the featured slider

    The featured slider is super simple to use once you get the hang of it. Below are some guidelines to help you get the slider setup and looking good.

    • Posts are added to the slider when they are marked “sticky”. When you mark a post “sticky” it will automatically appear in the slider.
    • The description on the button in the sidebar of the slider (underneath the title) is pulled from the post excerpt. We recommend keeping it short and sweet. If you don’t see a post excerpt option in your editor be sure to enable it through the “Screen Options” dropdown in the top right.
    • Next, be sure to add a “read more” tag to your post so your entire post doesn’t show up in the feature box.
    • Finally, add a featured image to your post.
    • Once your posts are properly formatted feel free to play around with the autostart and animation speed settings and get everything just right.

    Adding a custom logo

    Navigate to Appearance → Theme Options → Custom Logo Image and upload your logo. You also have the option to disable the tagline.

    Changing your color scheme

    Navigate to Appearance → Theme Options → Color Scheme and choose from blue (default), red, or green.

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