Track Order is Broken

  • I’m trying to upload my latest album into an audio player post. I upload the tracks to the post (not using the general media uploader) and put them into the post in the order I want them. Then I publish the posts and the tracks are in the wrong order.

    I have deleted the post and started over several times, but nothing works to make the tracks play in the right order. I am frustrated enough to climb through my computer screen and smash the server on which this theme is hosted.

    Please fix.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • After uploading the tracks to the post, you can drag and drop the audio files in the correct order via the Media Lightbox. More on how this is done can be found via the Audio section in the theme documentation; look for the Update Album and Track Info heading.

    After making your changes, don’t forget to update the Post.

  • This worked on one of my album posts, but it won’t work on the other. I’m going to delete the post and try again.

  • Try moving all the tracks, even if they are in the correct order. Since the new media manager in WP 3.5, the ordering functionality is a bit finicky at times.

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