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Top Navigation Color

  1. Hello! I'm wanting to make the top navigation white. I've tried
    #navigation b {
    to no avail. I have the upgrade and would love advice!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi thedimpledspider,

    Try this css

    .has-header-image .menu-top-menu a { color: #fff; }
    .has-header-image .menu-top-menu a:hover { color: #f00; }

    You can change the color as to your wish.

    That header looks beautiful. :)


  3. perfect! thank you so much!!! this is actually the second blog i've used gridspace on - i love the look so much.

    i posted earlier on the forum trying to figure out how to get the entry-meta off the thumbnails when you scroll over them on the homepage. once i get that resolved i will be happy as ever!!

    thanks for the compliments on the header ;0)

  4. Great. I am checking on your next question. Will answer on the same thread.


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