Top half of the home page invisible on Safari browser

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    I’m not able to see the top half of my Debut theme home page (which includes the whole top menu) when I open it in the Safari web browser. I can see the Hero slider and everything below it fine and it works in Safari. But when I pass the mouse pointer over the invisible top half, parts of it appear briefly, then vanish. I can click blindly on the top half and make it navigate, but I can’t see what I’m clicking on. I’m not sure how to show it to you if you’re not also using Safari, but the web site URL is Debut seems to look OK in IE, Firefox, and GoogleChrome. What should I do differently?

    Many thanks,

    Jim Amos, MD
    The Practical Psychosomaticist

    The blog I need help with is:


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    I’ll look into this, as it seems like a bug with Safari.

    However, I would suggest trying to clean up your menu items if possible, especially in the top navigation area. Try this and see if that helps. In the meantime, I’ll see why it seems to be acting up in Safari.


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    Should be fixed now. It was a small bug in how Safari handled the top nav sub menus on

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)



    Hi luke, why is it that when logged in i can see the hero slider working. when i log out, it’s not working? i have the latest version of all the browsers. i tried on all and it’s not running smoothly and yes, i have cleared all cache. can you help? is it a bug?


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    Looks great. Many thanks, Luke.



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    Your welcome :)

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