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    I realise I’m not able to have Infinite Scroll on the Homepage if I have any Footer Widget. Is it possible to have the Footer Widget just within the posts, and not on the Homepage? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – it is indeed possible to do this.

    You can see a tutorial here on how to set widget visibility settings –

    Cheers – Ben


    I had already tried setting the Widget Visibility, and the Infinite Scroll still doesn’t work.

    My Widget Visibility setting was
    “Hide” if:
    “Page” is
    “Front page”

    Also tried setting with
    “Show” if:
    “Page” is
    “Posts page”

    Either way, the Infinite Scroll doesn’t work, I still need to click on “Older posts” at the bottom of the Home page to load more posts.


    I have try this setting too
    “Show” if:
    “Taxonomy” is
    “All taxonomy pages”

    And this
    “Show” if:
    “Taxonomy” is
    “All pages”

    Infinite Scroll only works when I didn’t have any Footer Widget.


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    Oh – ok, sorry about that. I was under the impression that would work. I shall ask the support team for more help (I made the theme but don’t know every detail about Hopefully they will be able to help.


    I confirmed that if you have Infinite Scroll enabled, with a footer widget set to be hidden on the Front Page (with the site set to show posts on the home page), Infinite Scroll is disabled.

    I’m fairly certain this is a bug. I’ll report it to the appropriate team. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any workaround for this issue.


    Is there a fix for this yet?

    I really like the Infinite Scroll feature, but that means I can’t have any footer widget in the Post pages.

    Is there any custom CSS that I can add, to make it work like a widget? For eg, a “back to home” button at the bottom of Post pages, after the Comments section and above the WordPress footer credit.


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    I can’t answer regarding the bug since that’s a issue, hopefully they will get back to you soon.

    However, regarding adding content via css – I’m afraid that’s not possible. CSS only allows you to change how things look – there’s no way to add interactivity with CSS unfortunately. This means we can’t add things that click with CSS.

    Sorry about that :(

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