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    The theme title still doesn’t show on the browser or tabs. It just shows the URL. This is extremely frustrating as I’ve spent hours customizing this theme and don’t want to now have to change themes due to something so basic.

    Please can this be fixed asap.

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    I meant the site title doesn’t show. I spoke to support and this is due to the property not being set for the theme. Editing the site title on the customiser should change the title displayed to the browser but it’s doesn’t.

    I’m not on the business plan so can’t edit the theme code and would appreciate if the theme designer can fix this soon.


    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this fix since August of last year. :(


    Also, I would like to add that the margins/padding in the widgets area are not behaving properly. The content on the pages are also too close to the sidebar. If you click on my “About” page you’ll see the margins suddenly change.

    Blog site: https://onacliffbythesea.com/

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    Yeah there’s a lot of design related problems with this theme. I’ve now changed to another theme – Independent Publisher 2 is equally as minimalist and doesn’t have any issues so far.


    I actually decided to move back to my self-hosted WordPress because I’ve had enough of waiting for support and I just wasn’t happy with the theme selections and limitations.

    You can still see the issues here though: onacliffbythesea.wordpress.com

    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    I’m so very sorry that you were not happy with the theme and that I missed answering your questions here.

    I will fix the site title issue in an update over the next 24 hours.

    I will also look into the padding/margins issue. Thanks so much for letting me know about this.

    Best Regards,

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