Title color is different in demo

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    Wow, this is very unusual.

    Yes please, let us see the image in order to find something strange…

    A question: after logging out, the mobile version disappeared and the normal version came again to your iPhone?

    Thank you a lot!

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    Here’s the screenshot from when I’m logged in thru WordPress.com:

    It’s pretty close to the Preview, although the font of the subtitle should be thicker:

    Nothing changed when I updated to iOS 9.2. (But remember that your spec sheet listed 8.0.)

    Good luck!

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    OMG, Ricardo, I figured out the problem!!

    If I type in wastemanagementtheblog.com, it’s not responsive.

    If I type in wastemanagementtheblog.wordpress.com, it IS responsive!

    The first URL is the domain name that I bought from Go Daddy that forwards to the second URL. I had it set to “forward with masking,” and so I tried changing it to “forward only.” It worked!


    Unfortunately I would prefer to use the masking and have the more simple URL appear, but c’est la vie.

    Anyway, your last question helped me figure out the problem–which I think is a URL problem, not a Carmela problem.

    But I’m glad you made the other fixes!!! (Title color, etc.) If you know of any fixes to the forwarding issue, please let me know.

    In any case, you guys rock, for working so hard and being so available for these problems. Thank you!!!


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    Hi Deb.

    You got it! Thank you for finding the problem, we was becoming mad. We didn’t know anything about the other domain, so we always tried the wastemanagementtheblog.wordpress.com. Glad to hear that.

    About other questions:

    – Subtitle weight: The theme uses the Raleway Google font for this element with font-weight: 400; This means that the browser give the “normal” thick to this font so the final result depends on the browser, so each browser renders fonts differently. Using preview feature in desktop only matches with styles in desktop. If you need, you can put it in bold style, but it could be too weight:

    .site-description {
        font-weight: 700;

    Another interesting property in CSS is the text-rendering, but again, it depends on the browser, and not all browser support them: here you are more info:

    Let us know and thank you again :)

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