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    Hi there!!!, I am trying to work with the galleries´ options, and I really would like to solve the following questions:
    – please check

    1- I would like to delete the thin frame around the thumbnail, is it possible?.
    2- I would like to have the same high in every thumbnail, if you check the link above, you will see that the first image is shorter than the others. Is it possible to set a equal high for every thumbnail?.


    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi there!

    Unfortunately, you cannot change the height of these thumbnails. You can, however, remove the border:

    Using a tool such as Firebug, you’ll want to find the specific CSS selector for gallery:

    .gallery img

    Then, adjust the border CSS property, like so:

    .gallery img {
        border: none !important;

    You’ll have to include the !important rule to override Anthem’s default styles.


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    Hi!!!, Thanks for your help with the border!!!.
    Regarding thumbnails height: I understand that I can not change the height, but this is impossible to do or I could try it with Firebug?.
    Another I would like to check with you is if I could increase the size of the thumbnails, not only the height.


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    Hi there,

    These changes would require modifications to your theme’s template files. This, unfortunately, is not possible on the platform.

    I’m sorry we can’t be more helpful :(


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    I Undesrtand, Thank you!!!


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    You’re welcome! Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful.

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