Three things: search box, header image, column width

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    Love your theme except for three things:
    1. On my front page the search box is just hanging out on the top right, but it doesn’t line up with anything. How can I make it right align to the farthest box on the right?
    2. How can I make the header image the same width as the width of the grid on my front page?
    3. I’m looking at my site on a 17 inch laptop. When I look at a blog post there is so much wasted whitespace on the right. How can I make the text column expand to fill the screen?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    1. I’m afraid it is not possible to change it with the current design. Content area width is responsive, it means that it varies depending on device you’re viewing the site on.

    2. You can add the following CSS code to do this:

    #custom_header img { width: 92%; }

    It looks ok on my laptop, but it might be slightly off, because it depends on the display width.

    3. This space is reserved for your sidebar widgets. You can add them via Dashboard.

    If you still want to expand the text column, you can use the following CSS code:

    body.single-post #left-area { width: 103%; }

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