Three issues with Crisp

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    I have recently been building a (currently private) blog using Crisp, which looks great. However, there are two issues which annoy me:

    1. Whilst the Dashboard allows you to customise the text that appears in the Comment box, this feature fails to work in Crisp. It only gives the default “Enter your comment here …” despite the dashboard showing I have set it to something else.

    2. Under the Subscription widget, the text that appears (either “You are following this blog (manage)” or the alternative for non-subscribers) does NOT take the default font for Crisp. All of the other widgets are displayed in the default Crisp fault (Times Roman-ish) whilst the Subscription comments appear in Aerial-ish.

    3. The ‘Leave A Comment’ text is in a large font – actually a very large font, as large as the headers on the blog. I think this would need to be changed globally, but I flag it as a suggestion for the developers.

    (PS. I also posted this in the main Themes forum before realising there was a Premium Themes bit. Apologies for duplication.)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hey rjburgess99,

    Hope to help you with your questions.

    1. This isn’t built into Crisp but I will pass this on to the team to see what they can do about it. I’ll let you know what they say.

    2. I’m unable to see your blog to replicate this since it’s private but it sounds like it’s a style overriding the theme.

    Do you have the CSS upgrade?

    3. The CSS upgrade would fix this as well. Let me know and I can definitely help you out with these style modifications.



    PS. No worries on the dupe ;)

    Original poster

    Hi Scott

    Yes, I have got the Custom CSS upgrade if you could let me know the appropriate coding (I know absolutely nothing about CSS!)

    I have removed the lock on the blog so you can see the issues I mentioned.


    Original poster

    Scott – I have put the lock back on the log but you can access it with login aviator99 and password aviator999. This is a dummy WP ac I set up for testing.


    Thank you for sending that over.

    So for the subscribe widget font use this in your custom css:

    .widget p { font: inherit; }

    and for the Leave a Comment text try:

    #respond h3 { font-size: 16px; }

    Let me know how that works, thanks!


    Original poster

    Scott, you’re a star, thank you! Works perfectly.

    It is worth considering adding the first one (subscribe widget font) to the master template, I think, because it looks a bit odd otherwise.

    You could also make the Leave a Comment change to the master template, but I admit this is an issue of personal choice as to how big that heading should be. However, Crisp is (overall) a very classy theme and little things like this do make a difference.



    Great Rob :D

    Happy to have helped you with this. Thanks again and best of luck!


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