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    I am new to WordPress and Themes. I just purchased a Premium Theme and as I checked out, the “buy now” button had a wrong link and I accidentally created the free domain and my theme is now applied to it.

    I own my own domain and want to apply these theme to it (without buying it again).

    How can I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve marked this for an official staffer to have a look at.




    Hi there, I’d be glad to transfer Delight to the correct site for you.

    Could you please confirm the address of the site to which you’d like the theme added by providing the link? Thanks.

    These are the upgrades I see on your account at the moment:

    1. domain mapping for
    2. Delight premium theme

    Did you want both those upgrades moved to another site? Just let me know which site and I’ll be glad to help. (I don’t see any other sites on the runningstartcom user account at the moment.)

    I also noticed that you haven’t completed the mapping process for and it’s still pointing to a different host. To finish mapping it to, you’ll need to update the name servers at your domain registrar. Have a look at our guide to mapping an existing domain, including the important heads-up about existing email addresses on the domain.


    Wow … thank you so much.

    I am trying to use these theme on

    Sure, it would be great to move those two upgrades. Not sure how I mess this up!

    I am not sure if I need to map the domain … I think I was trying that as a way to fix the theme issue.

    thanks for any help you can provide!




    Hi Jason, let me try to clear up the confusion. :-)

    All sites on have a free “base” domain. While you can add your own custom domain (like so visitors don’t see the portion, all your upgrades need to live on the original domain.

    The domain looks like it was registered on January 8 at Its nameservers are currently pointing to Hostgator, not

    Are you trying to create a hosted site here at, or did you intend to have a self-hosted site at Hostgator? The two are mutually exclusive. :-) There are two different kinds of WordPress sites. I’m starting to wonder if that’s the root of the confusion here. Let me know!


    Hi Kathryn,

    Yes, this is probably the confusion (sorry — didn’t know it at the time).

    I am trying to have a self-hosted site at HostGator (

    I think I have also learned that the Delight theme is incompatible with my approach but that seems strange.

    When I’m in the admin view, I can’t access the “Manage themes” button/area. I see three default themes and can browse for others but can’t find Delight in there.

    Also, when I go to the WordPress theme “store,” I can only activate my theme, not download it.

    Sorry these are so many questions but I just wanted to summarize where I was.




    This is because themes don’t work on self-installed versions of WP and vice versa.

    However, we do offer a stand-alone version of Delight, and that’s what you’ll need:




    Thanks for clarifying that you’re only intending to run a self-hosted WordPress site.

    As the theme developer mentioned above, you’ll need to purchase the self-hosted version of Delight, since the version you bought on only works here, not on self-hosted sites.

    You can issue yourself a refund for the two upgrades you don’t need by logging into your dashboard and heading to Store > My Upgrades. Click on the Cancel and Refund button next to each of your upgrades (domain mapping and the premium theme) and you should be all set.


    Will do and thanks very much. I will end my questions now and proceed as advised. Thanks and have a great day.



    My pleasure. Just let us know if you run into any further issues.

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