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    Hi Guys! i managed to make the showcase work with comments some have shared, but i still got a few problems:

    #1: I’m using my wordpress site in spanish and 2 of the words you get to see the most in the homepage are yet not translated. I really wish you guys could solve this for me as fast as you can xD :P (it’s very noticeable)

    I used the Glotpress feature to suggest the translations but i’m not sure if the ones i suggested are the right ones that the Gigawatts theme’s using.

    #2: the Menu overlaps the header image that the guide states it should be 940 x 250. which is also VERY significant.

    #3: This is not a real problem really but i would like to bring something out (hopefully) in a very respectful way and collaborative way.

    I used to use the Oxygen theme and yes, it was really frustrating at the beginning, as it is with the gigawatt theme… but once i figured out how the oxygen theme worked, i managed to make it look like the demo and set it as i wanted with the basic features that came with it.

    Reading most of the Gigawatt topics here i have noticed that the frustration to make it look like the demo’s kind of general… and that many have changed the Gigawatt theme for another theme even tough they spent $60 bucks for it and lets u post your videos.

    Hum, it is only maybe my point of view but to me, that would mean that it would probably be wise to review the theme again, along with the features it promises, as a designer or developer or general support staff…to see if there’s something going on that’s related to some WP users not sticking to it after using it and that loved how it looked at the beginning.

    And… it it isn’t much to ask… or to bring out… My own suggestion goes for the Color Style options:

    I know that the Custom Design Feature probably comes with many styles… and that rocks but somehow i feel the Color Style options that come along with the Gigawatt theme are almost the same… excluding the background, the search “banner” and the social network “banner”.

    I would really like to see at least 1 or 2 basic free options to color the most relevant text as the menu texts or the “link to somewhere” texts.

    =^_^= I apologize for my lack of english skills… i hope my comment doesn’t seem very harsh because it is not intended to be that way.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Oh and one more thing: the menu’s not working properly… It went crazy… is it because i got more than 5 links? :p thnx!

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    Reviewing feedback and updating the theme is a huge priority for us. This is not our only theme, so the speed with which we can affect changes depends on our development schedule, the WordPress change schedule, and also the (many) limitations put forth by WP.Com on what we can and can’t do in the theme. We really appreciate you taking the time to write this up. I’ll try to address some of your concerns:

    1. All text elements are within gettext tags. This is all we do from a theme standpoint. I do not have a lot of experience with the translation options you have on, it is possible the plugin or option is not seeing all elements. Can you point out exactly which items are still in english? This will help us determine where the problem may come from.

    2. The nav menu was actually designed to overlap the header. If you do not like this look, you can upload a less-tall header image or add custom CSS to increase the margin between the header and menu.

    3. We already offer 2 color options. We cannot put a colorizer into the theme options as this competes with the premium options.

    The nav bar is only 940 pixels wide, so you need to keep your menu titles short or try combining them so there are less links. In general practice you shouldn’t really have more than 5 or 6 links. You can also add custom css to make the font smaller, which will allow for the links to fit in the space provided. If you have access to that feature, let me know and I can provide the styles to add.

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