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    I am having issues changing the theme colour, please help.

    I changed the colour scheme using the theme customiser but the color change was applied only in certain places and not uniformly across the site. For eg, links on some pages changed colour but links on other pages did not. Some accent links did not change at all like the footer line, quote line etc.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author


    It might be possible that blocks may have different colors due to individual settings.

    Which Quote Line you are referring ?
    Please share the post where the accent links are not updated.

    For Footer, please try the following css snippet.

    Footer Line:

    .site-info {
        border-top: 6px solid #ef908b;



    Thank you! The css snippet worked.

    This is one of the posts –

    Some other places where the accent colour hasn’t changed –

    1. Category “about” on featured slider on Home Page
    2. Menu – drop down, text on Mobile

    Thanks again for your help.


    Theme Author

    Please try the following css snippets.

    Blockquote Line:

    .wp-block-pullquote {
        border-left: 6px solid #ef908b;

    Meta Category Color:

    .entry-meta .first-category a,
    .entry-meta .first-category a:visited {
        color: #ef908b;

    Mobile Hamburger Menu:

    .toggle-menu-wrapper a,
    .toggle-menu-wrapper a:visited {
        color: #ef908b;



    Thank you so much! It worked perfectly.

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