The pictures in the gallery are pixelated

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    Hi, when I publish the my portfolios the pictures in the gallery are pixelated unlike the original image. I hope you can give me some advice on how to fix it.

    Here is my blog:

    And I also want to say good job for making this theme! It was easy to learn and was exactly what I want! :)


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    Thanks for getting in touch! Are they only pixelated on the index page? But when you click through to the post page are they showing in full resolution?

    Thanks for clarifying :)


    No it’s in the post page. I can view the details, for examples words on the outside of a building, on my original image but when I uploaded them and put them into the gallery the details are lost. I can no longer read the writings. More specific example would be the first image of this blog entry:

    Please help!



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    Thanks, I can see it now!

    Quite possibly this is an issue is stemming from the photos being quite large when uploading – Typically for web you’ll want to load images at < 1500px width, and yours are in the 4000px size. WordPress tries it’s best to still load these images quickly, but isn’t able to get all of the details right. I’d suggest trying to change out that first image for a smaller version of it to see if that improves things for you! Let me know how that goes :)


    Sorry for the late reply. The image size comes in 4000px size and I have no idea how to “shrink” the image… Is there any other way to overcome this problem? I don’t want to want to shrink each image everytime I post…

    Thanks a lot!



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    Hey Marco,

    Unfortunately there isn’t anything from the theme side that we can do to change the size of images, sorry! I’d recommend using a service like (or another) for auto-sizing your images for web.

    Hope that helps!

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