The "Latest" sections shows too many posts

  • Hi,

    I am using the Beacon theme since a very long time now since it is an awesome theme.

    On the front page I feature a couple of categories, but the “Latest” section at the top has always shown 1 post with a large thumbnail at the top, and 8 latest posts with small thumbnails below it. If my readers would want to browse thought it, they could click on “Older Posts” to go down the rabit hole.

    Now, out of the blue… my frontpage shows 1 large thumbnail and 16 small thumbnails in the “Latest” section. The “Recently Discussed” tab seems to be still ok, because it just shows 1 large and 8 small thumnails.

    So, my question is… what happened to the “Latest” section?

    I believe in the past I could set the number up, how many I would want to show. But I just can’t find the setting anymore. Was it removed? And why is the “Latest” section bugged while the “Recently Discussed” section shows the number of posts I set up in the past?

    I hope you can help me to show just 1 large and 8 small posts again in the “Latest” tab. Because 16+1 way too many posts cluttering my frontpage. It actually breaks the whole design, or how I did set it up in the past.

    Waiting for help. Thank you in advance :)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Additional remark:

    I think I found the setting. It’s under “Content types>Blog posts” and I have it set to “Display 5 blog posts per page”. As it always has been. But yet the “Latest” tab shows 17 posts. I think there is either a bug in your theme, or messed something up with the display setting.

  • Hi there – thanks for the message. The Beacon theme code has not been changed in quite a while so the amount of posts displayed on the homepage should not have changed.

    I went to view your site and it is showing 5 posts in the latest tab as it always has. Did you work out what the problem was or has it magically changed back again?

  • It magically changed back again to 5 posts. I do assume it then must have been a bug with the frontpage post setting. Maybe they fixed it right away.

    At first I thought it was a problem with cockies in Firefox, but Chrome showed the same issue. I then used CCleaner but the problem was still there. So, I am pretty sure it must have been a wordpress bug then.

    But as said, you’re right… it’s now back to 5 posts. Problem magically solved :)

  • Glad it changed back! Like you say – I can only assume it was a change on that has been reverted.

  • Yeah I think so too. I mark the topic as solved. Have a good time!

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