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    Hi, I trying to find out the exact date of this theme’s most recent update. Is there a changelog I could look at, or, failing that, does anybody know?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi. The theme was updated 1 month ago, new translations were added. Do you need help with something?




    Until recently I was hosting my site, using this theme, on a server. I’d made some tweaks and was happy with it.

    Then, I migrated my site to my own server. I made some more tweaks and was still happy with it.

    However, on Friday (21 August 2015) my changes were suddenly lost. That is, all the colors, fonts, etc were reverted to how the theme was originally shipped.

    How does this happen? Was it due to automatic updates, either of the theme itself or of the wordpress software? Is this something that can happen even when self-hosting?



    If you had made changes directly to the theme files on a self-hosted site, then if you updated the theme to the latest version you would lose those changes.

    The recommended way to make theme tweaks on a self-hosted site is either via a child theme or custom CSS plugin, like the custom CSS module in Jetpack. If you protect your changes by using one of those methods, then you can safely make theme updates without losing your customizations.

    If you need further help with TheStyle on a self-hosted site, yuriyportnykh can let you know where to get help, as these forums are for issues.



    Thank you. I imagined that an automatic update was causing this.
    I also appreciate yuri’s help.


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    You’re welcome

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