The images on the blog page are very small

  • As you can see if you visit my web site – and go to the Blog page – the images are very small. Even clicking through to display just one (by clicking the title) doesn’t help. The images are being display at around 600px x 400px.

    Getting rid of the side bar on the post page (when you click through to the single post page, not necessarily on the main blog listing page), would help a lot.

    Is this possible?

    If not, what else can you suggest?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi there,

    If you have a premium or business account, you can edit the css of your theme. It would take some significant edits, but it could be done *I think*. Aside from that, what you’re hoping isn’t possible.

    I would suggest you use the gallery format to display your images larger in the popup lightbox.

  • Hi Melissa.

    Thanks. Can you give a few more details about what you mean by ‘gallery format’?

    I have created a post following the instructions to create a gallery (‘Creating Individual Galleries’) in your documentation and while the effect is quite nice – a slideshow within the post – there is no ‘larger popup lightbox’ and the image space is still the same width.

    On the point re. the CSS I have considered that but I think the problem will be the theme is selecting one of the smaller image sizes created by wordpress – so simply giving it more space to expand into using CSS won’t fix it as the image would have to be interpolated to fit. Thus I think the Gallery option is probably the best one. Can you kindly explain it? Am I creating a page or a post?


  • Also/or – can you point to me how to see the effect you are talking about in your demo?

    Thanks again

  • What I mean is that on the blog, when you click one of the gallery thumbnails, it opens into the carousel:

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