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    In my post at https://batsandstats.com/2020/11/17/possible-mets-2021-starting-lineup-position-players/, text containing a hyperlink is not differentiated from non-hyperlink text. For example, in the section “Center Field,” if you hover the mouse over “sny.tv article” the cursor changes, but there is no other indication that the text is hyperlinked. Why is that? How can that be changed? How are most blogs differentiating hyperlinked text today?

    The blog I need help with is batsandstats.com.


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    Hi there – it looks like there’s been a new style added to WordPress.com that breaks the colour changes. I’ve tweaked the theme so that it adds an underline when the text color changes the link color so that the links can always be seen.

    Hopefully that’s enough. – Ben

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