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    Hi, I’m struggling with the text, the first few sentences of my blog post doesn’t fit neatly next to the featured image. It breaks up the words like this –

    Here’s some of my favou-
    rite pieces by the artist Sal-
    vador Dali.

    I’ve tried everything I can and have had to settle at using a HEADING at H2 which fits under the featured image nicely but is in capital letters which I don’t want. Ideally the text would start under the posts main image, is this possible? If so can I please have a code for it? I hope I’ve described this adequately!

    Many thanks for your help, I love this template, I just need to make a few tweaks and it will be perfect for my site. :)

    The blog I need help with is artandher.com.



    I’ve just discovered that I can add a ‘spacer’ before my text to get the writing under the picture, so I have rectified the latest posts. However I have hundreds of posts and it would take ages to rectify all of them this way so if there is a code I would be very grateful please. It only took six hours and a major headache to work this out :/


    Theme Author

    Hey Leona,

    I understand what you mean. Here’s a workaround using custom code:

    .single-post .entry-content p:first-of-type {

    Insert it in Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS.

    Adjust the height as you wish.




    Thanks Alexandru, things haven’t seemed to work though. Some posts still have the text next to the left of the post image while some have the text underneath. And when I view it on my ipad the original problem is still there – broken up words. Please help! And many many thanks :)



    I’ve just checked again and the posts look right on my computer but the words still break up on my ipad while viewing the site in landscape. Would it just be easier to make all the text start underneath the post image, I think I’d prefer that please. Can I have the code for that?
    Many thanks :)



    Me again….sorry! I’ve fiddled with the px and the text is now below the image. However the text still breaks up when viewed on the ipad in landscape. It just doesn’t look right. :(



    I’ve had to remove the code as on some posts the text is way down the page and others are underneath the image and some is still next to it. I’m losing the will to live now. I won’t touch it again until I’ve heard from someone.



    I spoke to the Happiness Engineers tonight. They found the problem and they’re going to contact you and try to get this issue sorted out. Fingers crossed as I like this theme and want to keep using it!



    I have now switched to the Patch template as it offers more of what I need and as this matter couldn’t be resolved. Thanks 😊

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