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    The width of both side widgets can be adjusted, but the width of the center can not be adjusted.
    I would like to increase the width of the center part.
    I want advice.

    The blog I need help with is bintan2ch.net.


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    Hi, there are grid styles for each of those columns in the theme’s stylesheet. I would copy those into your custom CSS and adjust them to your desired width:

    .row{width:100%;float:left}.grid-0{display: none;visibility:hidden;}.grid-1{width:5.83333333333%}.grid-2{width:14.1666666667%}.grid-3{width:22.5%}.grid-4{width:30.8333333333%}.grid-5{width:39.1666666667%}.grid-6{width:47.5%}.grid-7{width:55.8333333333%}.grid-8{width:64.1666666667%}.grid-9{width:72.5%}.grid-10{width:80.8333333333%}.grid-11{width:89.1666666667%}.grid-12{width:97.5%}.grid-1,.grid-2,.grid-3,.grid-4,.grid-5,.grid-6,.grid-7,.grid-8,.grid-9,.grid-10,.grid-11,.grid-12{margin-left:1.25%;margin-right:1.25%;float:left;display:block}.alpha{margin-left:0}.omega{margin-right:0}.container{max-width:960px;margin:0px auto}

    In your custom CSS code you have these rules:

    #primary {
        background: #e6f6dc;
        padding: 10px;
        width: 45%;

    That ID selector is going to take priority over the default width for that column, which is controlled by a rule for “.grid-6”.



    I’m sorry.
    Could you teach me a little more easily?


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    Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough, it looks like you got the width changed, are you still having any problems with it?

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