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    I can’t get the navigation bar at the top (where “Home” is) to accept any other menu items (like “About”). I have an “About” page, but I can’t get it to appear. I suspect I’m confusing various levels (primary navigation, secondary navigation, possibly even pages or something else) but I’ve tried almost everything I can imagine.
    All that happens is that the navigation bar either disappears, or another navigation bar above the existing one is added.
    I want a navigation bar with several elements as shown in the Tapestry demonstration.
    Who can help?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    p.s. I’m talking about my blog “http://musicproject365.com ! (Not my other one, which uses the Twenty Eleven theme, with which I have no problems!!


    You need to set up the custom menus as shown here:

    The main menu is the Primary Navigation. :)

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    Thanks so much! – I just looked at the page and it looks just like what I need. I’ll try it out later!

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