Tapestry Logo and tag line appearing on Header

  • Hi,
    I had bought Tapestry a couple of years ago when the premium theme came out. I never had a header image, but had my blog name and tag.

    Now I am noticing the Tapestry Logo and tag line messing up my blog name. What did you guys changes? How do I fix this mess?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • I noticed that if I added a header, it over wrote the Tapestry tag line. But with a header dimensions of 96 x 260, this was a ghastly choice. Go over and see if you agree.

    Why not let me just NOT have a header without the Tapestry tagline encroaching on my blog? It was like that for the last several years, till someone, somewhere wanted to ‘improve’ something and ended up messing with it.


  • What happens if you remove the header image?

  • OK, I just deleted the header image and it appears the words “Tapestry and its tag line” do not show any more.

    Thank you for fixing the problem.

  • Sorry, I am having the same problem, but I don’t know how to take the logo out. Do I need to take the back image out?

  • Hi, I had to put in my own header image which covers the tapestry name and tagline.
    In a few days, I had deleted the header image and the Tapestry text had disappeared as well. So I recommend inserting a header image and then deleting it (perhaps after a day). There may be a glitch in the system and this worked for me.
    You can see my blog which uses this theme.

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